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The Houses of Music

DJ Hamza and Latif during their performance at The Little Door


Hamza & Latif Rock The Little Door and Club Tito’s South

The Little Door, the fabulous new nightspot in Calangute, recently played host to an unlikely duo drubbing out insanely cool music. What a way to launch the Hamza & Latif musical tour, an out-of-the-box DJ/Percussionist duo showcasing a fusion of House Music mixed with Rajasthani Folk.

This was followed by an equally fabulous performance at Club Tito’s South Goa, at the Radisson Blu resort in Cavelossim.

Goa Streets is proud to be associated with these two incredible evenings as media partner!

The Little Door, with its parent restaurant in Mumbai, has now opened its (little) doors right here in Calangute. A 15-minute walk from one of the most popular beaches in Goa, TLD has been playing host to some of the hippest music around, including some of Goa’s leading DJ’s such as DJ Anish (read Goa Streets cover story on Anish Sood

TLD also has a large variety of Mediterranean Cuisine from delicious starters, fondue, pizzas, XL burgers (you really have to ogle at these monsters) along with yummy bar munchies. To mix great music with exotic drinks you could sip yourself a Vodka Penne or a Champagne Risotto, to name a few from their diverse collection (don’t worry, there’s no actual pasta or rice in the beverage!). The extraordinarily inviting ambience enhances the experience of listening to music at TLD. There’s spacious seating both inside and outside, with cool, chic bars in both areas.


Latif Performing at Radisson Blu



Anuradha Visvanathan


We had a night of pure soulful music, some of it very raw, inspired by the traditions and deserts of Rajasthan combined with modern beats of House. The performance was enjoyed by a wide cross section of Goans and visitors to Goa. Wind Horse, DJ Hamza’s record label, signed up with Latif Khan during Hamza’s own experimentation with different genres of music. He was introduced to Latif by a famous Kharta (a folk instrument) Master and was immediately awe struck. Latif was 17 when he started working with Hamza, and now it’s been a four-year journey into this musical odyssey.


Nestor Lopes, Priya Hayes and Lavina Fernandes



Requesting for more music


The evening at LTD was followed by an equally moving performance at Club Tito’s South Goa, at a venue located in the luxurious Radisson Club Resort on the serene beach of Cavelossim. Not only is Club Tito’s South located inside a beautiful five-star property, it also claims fame from its size: a whopping 5,000 square feet. In recent times there’s been a marvelous lineup of musicians and DJs, including DJ Rohit Barker, DJ Clement, DJ Mash, DJ Anish Gera and even the sensational Punjabi Hip Hop singer Honey Singh. Club Tito’s South has also hosted a number of high profile and successful private parties and marriages.


Friends From Belarusa during the performance at The Little Door


Hamza and Latif ended their tour of Goa with an encore performance at Marbela Beach, in Morjim. They now head off for a Flamenco Festival in Rajasthan. I asked Latif if he liked Goa and would he come back to play? “If you guys keep welcoming me, I will keep returning” was his simple but heartfelt reply. Well, as long as there are progressively cool venues for music like The Little Door, Club Tito’s South Goa and Marbela Beach, there will always be a home for world-class musicians like Hamza & Latif.


Latif playing the Morchang



DJ Hamza



Latif (left) and that’s Nikki in the centre!





Capturing Hamza and Latif Live



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