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Goa Marriott Resort & Spa kicks off its Stepathlon participation!

For the fourth year running, Marriott India has partnered with Stepathlon, click the 100-day race targeting the betterment of fitness across the world. This well-known pedometer-based mass participation event for organisations across all industries and countries, nurse aims at increasing daily activity and an awareness towards a healthy lifestyle amongst corporate employees. The company has been associated with this event from 2013. This year, the Marriott India contingent comprises teams from 34 hotels which translates into 1140 associates split into 228 teams of varying sizes. The overall target is 880,000 km over the duration of the race!

The race kicked off on September 7th globally and the Goa Marriott launched it with an energetic Zumba event that set the activity levels of its team in motion. Even the refreshments provided post event were healthy, like wholewheat muffins and multigrain rolls. Alongside its fitness objectives, the event is also expected to encourage healthy competition and strengthen team spirit amongst the participants. Besides fun activities like Zumba and themed races to spur on the associates further, there will be other engaging weekly challenges like the sugar-free week, no-smoking week, no junk-food week, 7000-steps-a-day week, no-eating-out week, no elevators/escalators week, no-chocolates week etc. Ending on 15th December, the 100-day race has kicked off and the participants are raring to go!