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Dear Acaricia May,

I’m 22 years old and planning to enter medical school. I’ve always been a very serious student and my parents are very proud of me and want to me to become a doctor. About two months ago, I met a guy who owns a modelling agency at a party here in Goa and he suggested I do a photo shoot. Without my parents’ knowledge, I did the shoot, modelling some elegant evening gowns and some other nice outfits. I thought that was where it would end, but this guy (I’ll call him Rajesh) sort of half jokingly suggested I also model some swimwear. The minute I heard this from him I felt a surge of excitement, not really because of anything sexual, but because it seemed like an intriguing thing to do. Maybe a little dangerous, too. I really don’t know what came over me. I’m an aspiring physician not a lingerie model! But I found myself in a blink saying “Yes, let’s try that.” So he took some photos of me wearing some bathing suits, including some one pieces and some pretty skimpy bikinis. Rajesh said it wouldn’t be published anywhere, that it was just for fun. But he also said I have what it takes to really make it in the modelling world. I would never give up my dream to be a doctor, but I’m thinking this could be a really good way to finance my education. But I know my parents would just die. I also very much enjoyed myself. What’s your advice?


Rita, Goa/Bangalore


Dear Rita,

Would your parents die if they knew you modelled swimwear or if they knew you modelled period? Different models do different things, drawing the line at various levels of dress and undress. I will not judge your choice to become a model, a doctor or anything else. But of course your parents could be a different story. Would it be possible to show your folks some of the ‘nice’ photos of you modelling elegant evening gowns? And then maybe you could drop the idea that this could be both an honourable and fun way to earn some extra money. Who knows? Maybe they’d come around. It is your life to live, Rita. Some would say we’re both lucky and unlucky to live in a country with the social mores of India – where the loving support and approval of our parents and other loved ones are so important, but where individual liberty often takes a back seat.  So you must walk a fine line, and pursue your dreams and desires while taking into account the wishes of those you love and who love you. Now about the bikini modelling. I can understand why you liked it. I can also understand how you felt it might be entering a danger zone. Some of us don’t mind a little danger in life. Others hate it. Only you know where you stand.


Acaricia May

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