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Being Cupid

12 Out-of-the-Box ‘Hook-Up’ Ideas This Valentine’s Day In Goa

When your tried-and-tested methods have met with disaster and you’re tired of being set up by well-meaning friends, there comes a time when you take matters into your own hands. You’re not really looking for love, but you’re not trying to avoid it, either. Here’s a list of places you could ‘stumble upon’ all things bright and mushy.


Watering holes and night clubs

This one’s a no-brainer. Get your game face on and head out with some friends, be open to conversation and moderate with alcohol intake (you do not want prospective dates to see you slide horizontally across the floor). If you need to turn someone down, politeness will earn you respect, and probably some positive attention from the right quarters.


Breakfast at a luxury resort restaurant or beach-side eatery

This is when couples in love are usually canoodling in bed, so chances are the other stragglers in the restaurant are also single. Goa abounds in these romantic settings and not everyone has a partner at 7am. Get a recommendation for brekkie and perhaps a fun activity date for later in the day.


Art galleries, bookstores and museums

There’s nothing more engaging than an animated conversation about favourite (and hated) artists, authors or points in history. It’s a quiet space, away from prying eyes, and for the young still-living-at-home crowd, the perfect excuse to get out. No parent will say ‘no’ to an education! Even if you don’t find love, you might learn something.

Bus buddies

It’s a route traveled every day, gets boring and can be least looked forward to if you have long travel times. Spice it up by making buddies with the cute guy or girl on your route. It will make you long to get on your way to class or work each day. If you don’t take the bus, there’s always the option of car-pooling with the office hottie. Shows some love for the environment, too.

At the gaming arcade

Up the stakes. Sidle alongside the object of your attention and try to beat his or her high score. Loser takes the winner out for coffee (or gummy bears or frosted cupcakes), so lose real bad! You could try this at the bowling alley, or even at one of the karting tracks in Goa.

Sing for the unknown lover

Head to a karaoke bar, pick your favourite songs and belt it out. There could be someone out there who thinks you’re talented. Avoid singing songs about broken hearts and lost loves; those might make you seem stuck in the past.

Join a club

Try bird-watching, taking a cooking class, going biking or learning a new language. Sharing interests does a couple make. You get better at what you signed up for and voilà, you now have a partner in crime after the course is over

Sign up for a tour with a travel company

Sometimes you just need to see new places with new faces. There will always be somewhere you’ve wanted to see, and if you’ve earlier put it off for lack of company, go it alone this time. Single travellers are fun, and beautiful places can initiate romance.

Shopping centres

These are one of the unlikely places one would think of as romantic, and they rarely are. But you’d be surprised by how much someone’s choice of fruity flavoured shampoo over citrus aromas, or pepper banana chips over baked potato crisps can tell you about their personalities. And if telling someone their favoured cosmetics company tests on animals gets you the stink eye, you can always move on to someone else.



Online dating websites and regular forums

These may seem a little frumpy at first, but the plethora of such websites is only testimony to their success. It’s wise to use caution on the internet these days, but who said love is devoid of risk? Be honest online, as you would on a virtual date, and there’s no telling which gorgeous geek will be yours someday.

Religious groups

You might have certain restrictions or a set of values you find hard to share with potential dates. Attending meets organised by religious groups or other communities that reflect your preferences is a good place to hook up with like-minded people.

House parties

This is where you meet friends of friends of friends, when your pals are cosying up in corners and couldn’t care about playing Cupid for you anymore. The bigger the party, the more singles you’re likely to meet. A drink or two helps loosen up tongues, so awkward silences will be to a minimum and random chit chat free flowing.

Happy Valentine’s hunting!