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Conscious Voice

A Cross Cultural, Cross Dimensional Journey

Conscious Voice is a new concept for lovers of music who are open to new ideas and new horizons. Offering a cross cultural, cross dimensional journey of voice, acoustic guitar, meditation and beats, the first event took place on Monday 19th January  – coinciding with the new moon.

Devised by healer and singer songwriter Natalie Matos, Conscious Voice encourages everyone to recognise the power of music in manifesting positive change. Natalie’s voice and songs offer heart-opening, thought-provoking listening, whilst Sandeep Srivastava of the Assagao Mehfil, brings the spiritual traditions of Indian classical music to the programme.

The enchantment is magnified by the location, this first event taking place at Magic Forest in Anjuna, a boutique hotel which, as the name suggests, offers a forest area where the magic plays itself out.

“I wanted to develop a new type of event that connects people not only with the music, but with nature, and an awareness of the healing qualities of both. With little surprises throughout the night that will change with each performance, I hope this will become something that people can attend regularly, to enjoy, rejuvenate and manifest new positive choices,” explains Natalie.

Last week’s surprises included a “manifestation” – where unwanted choices were consumed in a fire and new ones were embraced. They also included blindfolded incantations, sprayed fragrances and a sojourn into the magic forest.

Natalie has thoughtfully embraced the themes of environment and community, and one of her songs, Love Over Gold, was inspired by last year’s Canacona building collapse that killed and injured dozens of people. The deeply moving ballad is about the choices we make.

Natalie and Sandeep are now deciding on a date and location for their next magical evening. If it’s anything like the last one, something special is in store.