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‘Art with David’ workshop

‘Art with David’ workshop was conducted at Carpediem Goa, Majorda. With a large turnout from children of all ages ranging from the youngest at four to the oldest at eleven, each of them excited to learn what David Flaviano had planned for them. Having worked with him before over previous vacations the children got along really well with the teacher, even the new comers were at ease, and had loads of fun. Starting from the 4the of November up to the 8th of November, the children played and went home every day with something to show back home. The first thing they learnt was how to make masks, followed by painting sessions every day, learning new techniques to get better at art and crafts. They made variety of art works from scenery to modern art even some Christmas cards to get into the holiday spirit. The proud faces of the children as they left the institute with the work they had done in the two hours really was something.