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A compromised position

Hot Streets

Dear Acaricia May

I work at a large office complex with a number of colleagues. One afternoon, sildenafil as we were on our lunch break, I pushed open the door of a storeroom and saw a female colleague with a man who visits our office as a supplier. The door had been shut by placing a table in front of it. They were in a very compromising position with her top off, his face buried in her bosom. When they saw me, she panicked and pushed him away. She is a married woman with kids, and he is married too. The next day she took a month’s leave from the office. I know she was very embarrassed. I am the only one who saw this. I decided to keep it all to myself, but now I am having second thoughts. Lately she has become quite rude to me, criticizing my work and my opinions. Part of me thinks I should tell her to shut up or I will reveal her dirty little secret. I bet if I threatened her with that she’d get right in line. What do you think I should do?


Rita M., Vasco

Dear Rita,

You have a weapon against the topless one, and that weapon gives you power, and you are asking me if you should use that weapon. Rita, my inner Puritan says no, but my inner Pit Bull says maybe. First, try sitting down with her and talking it out. You could talk about her behaviour toward you and how you would like it to change. You may even want to bring up the time when you walked in on her and her illicit lover, for the expressed purpose of determining how that might have changed the dynamics of your relationship. (It’s possible her aggression towards you is somehow related.) Now the very mention of the “incident” in this conversation could be construed as use of that weapon – as she may believe you are bringing it up simply to “remind” her of the dirt you have on her. Assure her that is not the case, and that you really want to know whether her criticisms are related in some way to your, um, discovery. If you’re lucky, this conversation will clear the air and restore harmony. If, on the other hand, she continues to make your life a living hell in the office, you might find it hard to resist using the weapon in some way. Would I do it? Probably not. Would you? Sorry Rita, but that’s a decision for you to make.


Acaricia May