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Zumba NSFAQ’s (Not-So-frequently asked questions):

All you need to know about Zumba and why you should probably join


If you’re the kind of person who wakes up sometime before midday, and then interacts with the world, case I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the word ‘Zumba’ being thrown around by your weird fitness freak pals. And if you don’t like getting into shape (any shape other than a potato, that is) you’ve probably found yourself wondering what all the fuss is about! Hence, I bring the fuss right to your doorstep to tell you …

What the heck Zumba is all about and why people find it awesome

You’re right! … and you’re wrong as well. Yes, it’s to do with all those boring words like ‘fitness’ and ‘working out’ and ‘weight’ … and all those other words you’d much rather not talk about in the hope that someday they will be summarily thrown out of the Oxford English Dictionary. (And that will somehow make munching nachos in front of the television all day long legal or something.) However, Zumba isn’t just a workout, it is the most awesome workout ever! A zumba student exercises his or her entire body by dancing. These cardiovascular exercises allow the dancer to lose between 800 and 1000 calories per hour. Which is far more efficient than my favourite activity, reaching for the TV remote.

What music is used for Zumba?

Since Zumba originated in South America, Latin music and dance styles are generally used: Salsa, merengue, cumbia, calypso, reggaeton. However, hip hop and Bollywood music is also used very effectively. Students get excited on hearing popular tracks to which they know the lyrics, so enthusiasm levels automatically increase. Oye como va, amigo!

Are there different kinds of Zumba?

Of course! There are different methods of Zumba for different purposes. There’s Zumba Basic for beginners, Zumba Step to strengthen leg muscles, Zumba Gold – for those young at heart, but whose bodies can’t quite keep up, Aqua Zumba – pool workouts!!!, Zumba Sentao – zumba with chairs…and loads more to choose from.

Erm…but where them boys at?

Okay, so you’re probably wondering why Zumba is popular with the ladies, and not so popular with the men? Nothing like that, dude. Zumba works great for everyone – children, adolescents, adults, and older adults! It helps build up stamina, de-stress, and makes you feel light and energetic. There’s definitely no age limit, and there’s most certainly no sex bar. So if you’re a guy, and wondering how you should be working out before your next date, join the Zumba party!

So how does Zumba help? I mean, do I get to lose weight and look hot?

Um… well, if you take it seriously and also cut down on chocolate brownies and French fries, you do get to look as hot as Jennifer Lawrence and Novak Djokovic, yes. But that’s really not the main focus of Zumba. This ‘dancercise’ focuses on your overall health and well-being. So yes, you burn calories and you also become stronger both mentally and physically. Zumba helps you think positive and become a tad happier, and come on, who doesn’t want to be a tad happier? Zumba also helps focus better and build concentration. The Zumba stretches especially help for this.

But why would I want to choose Zumba over the gym?

Zumba is all about enjoying yourself while you workout. It’s no point losing all that weight and looking oh-so-hot if all the time your mind is troubled and in turmoil. At Zumba class, you’ll be forced to let go of all that’s worrying you. Your mind focuses on the music and dance steps. Also, Zumba classes are held in big groups, so you can’t help but have fun.

I’m a horrible dancer and am scared of making a fool of myself.

It doesn’t matter that you’re a bad dancer. The instructor is in front and leads. The steps are quite simple, and you’ll pick them up within a class or two. Besides, you don’t really have a partner for Zumba. All dances are done individually. So you don’t have to worry about stomping on someone’s toes or embarrassing someone else with your two left feet. Nobody laughs at anyone else, as each one is busy figuring out the steps themselves.

Hush, a Zumba guru speaks.

In keeping with Indian tradition, we give importance to gurus. We ask a Zumba guru what Zumba means to him. Jonathan D’Mello, a licensed instructor based in Margao who has been teaching Zumba since 2012. “ Zumba for me is not only about physical, but also about spiritual growth,” says the cool dude. “We thank the universal God through positive thinking at Zumba. I enjoy Zumba best when my students have fun and benefit from Zumba in every way.”

But hey, where do these classes take place and how do I enroll?

So now that we’ve got you all fired up, you probably want to put on your dancing shoes and start right away. All you’ve got to do is Google “Zumba classes in (name your location)”. A list of the classes closest to you will appear, along with the name and phone number of the Zumba instructor. All you have to do is call and ask when you can join. So ditch the workout and join the party!