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WIZBIZ – Let the quizzing begin

A Wizbiz quiz in action


The same mundane “9 to 5” office routine, salve the same boring cubicle, the same files and the same problems. Need a change? A break to tickle those grey cells in your brain? The answer to your desperate plea is WIZBIZ, the annual corporate quizzing event at GIM, Sanquelim.

Since its inception in 2001, WIZBIZ has seen an ever increasing rise in its popularity. Hosted by MECCA, the marketing club of GIM, WIZBIZ is known all over as being the largest student organised corporate quiz. Every year we see a plethora of participants from the most established and prestigious companies across the country. The participant list goes from companies like ACGL, HP to Vedanta and Idea Cellular amongst others. And mind you, these quizzers aren’t neophytes. Some of our participants have been the national winners of notable business quizzes like Tata Crucible, Brand Equity etc. Every year these head honchos, tired of the same old desk job, are seen sweating it out on the quizzing floor to make the quizzing glory theirs.

And who better to host these quiz enthusiast then the quizzing master himself. Associated with WIZBIZ since the last 11 years, Avinash Mudaliar is one of India’s leading quiz master and an ardent quizzer himself. Former secretary of Karnataka quiz association and the founder of 3XUS, the premier quizzing organising company in India he has been associated with the Ernst and Young Knowledge Quiz, Power of ideas print quiz conducted by ET. Year after year, his love for quizzing and the brilliant participants at WIZBIZ keeps bringing him back for more nail biting,  heart stopping, goose-pimples raising quizzes.

Sponsored by the likes of Tata motors, Goa tourisms, V.M. Salgaokar group of companies WIZBIZ has created a brand recall for itself in the minds of the serious quizzing aficionados. The primary reason being that we haven’t limited ourselves to the few. We quench the quizzing thirst of all the intense quizzers out there. WIZBIZ weekly, the all India daily quiz competition invites all the quizzing fanatics through Facebook to rack their brains. And we haven’t forgotten our fellow B-School students either. The “Inquisitive Mind” our 3 day online national business quiz is tailor made especially for B-School students across the country.

This year WIZBIZ is back again. And this time it’s bigger and better. Pride, knowledge, glory and Prizes, a lot is at stake. The business wizards have donned their hats and have drawn out their wands to duel it out. The quizzing master is ready, MECCA is ready, GIM is ready to see the biggest battle of wits unfold in the 14th Edition of WIZBIZ on 22nd February. Hold on to you seats, coz it’s going to be a crazy roller coaster ride!