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The Lowdown

Dance is hot in Goa! From the zumba to the tango to hip hop to funk, drugs Goans are going crazy on the dance floor.  Perhaps it shouldn’t surprise anybody, discount given how music crazy Goans are to begin with. But this is the season of the Great Goan Groove, order and we hope you enjoy our story on it on these pages!

There’s another Goan quality besides the love of dance and music we’re highlighting in this edition: adaptability. Now that it’s no longer possible to extract and export iron ore, the state’s main port is looking to expand its horizons, literally. Instead of exporting iron ore to China, it’s begun sending wheat to Ethiopia and maize to Indonesia. We give you the full story on these pages.

Also take a look at our piece on the passing of Margaret Thatcher and how her no nonsense values could serve as lesson here in Goa. Or our story on mental illness among Goan women. Or our piece on Goa’s I-League hopes. Or our interviews with the biographer of a fascinating artist or the outgoing head of the chamber of commerce. That’s in addition to our stories on food and nightlife and relationships and many other things under the sun!

We pay a lot of attention to our weekly events/party/nightlife/food listings. We hope you find them to be useful in your quest to have a great time in Goa. And while you’re browsing the listings, we hope you sit back and enjoy a really good read.

See you next week!