You are currently viewing STILE by Gulam Ali makes a grand entry into Dubai on August 31st

STILE by Gulam Ali makes a grand entry into Dubai on August 31st

  • Exclusive Men’s wear designer duo from Pune, India, GULAM and ALI to launch their international flagship store `STILE’ by Gulam Ali in Dubai on August 31st.


  • Bollywood Actor-Director-Producer SOHAIL KHAN with the star-cast of `Freaky Ali’ to officially launch the store at 7.00pm.


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With men’s fashion making huge strides on Indian and international fashion ramps, it was only a matter of time for this designer duo from Pune, India, to stamp their brand worth with fortitude.


With an expertise of more than a decade in designing men’s wear, STILE by Gulam Ali has evolved from making regular Pathanis for friends, to a flagship designer store in Pune first and now Dubai, exhibiting an exclusive range of men and women couture and bridal wear collection to an international audience.




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Drawing from heritage and Indian workmanship, the collection is a flamboyant and eclectic line of traditional sherwanis, kurtas, exclusive limited edition pathanis to contemporary western designer suits, formal wear, structured jackets, men’s bridal and cocktail evening wear. STILE by Gulam Ali has steadfastly grown into one of the most sought after labels in recent times.  A limited edition and very exclusive women’s bridal also makes the occasional presence  during bridal seasons and on special commission.




Women's Wear by Stile


However, with their recent foray into international markets, after immense support from happy clients, STILE by Gulam Ali decided it was time to venture beyond India and into the UAE, Dubai markets with another flagship store at Meena Bazar, Bur Dubai. Needless to say, the intention has been a hit, bringing together Bollywood and Fashion with Actor-Director-Producer Sohail Khan officially set to launch the flagship store along with the star-cast of `Freaky Ali’ on August 31st.


The brand envisions global expansion with a strategic vision to create brand presence across the MidEast and Europe in the coming years. Designers GULAM and ALI couldn’t have been more  happier with the success their work continues to enjoy.”It is all about hard work and the grace of God. We have been meticulously working towards this,” shares Gulam.


Ali, who also loves to model and makes a dashing visual for his brand collection campaigns, reveals STILE will venture soon into luxury couture. For now, the designer duo have thrown their might focussing on capturing the imagination and sentiment of their clients and growing audiences in India and Dubai, for the next couple of years. They will then extend their brand to newer emerging and established markets across the world.
So, if you haven’t checked them out yet, perfect occasion to come meet with designers Gulam and Ali along with the crew of Freaky Ali on August 31st.


STILE BY GULAM ALI,  Near Gita Society, Camp, Pune, India. Phone: 020-26119184

STILE BY GULAM ALI, Cosmos Lane, Meena Bazar,  Bur Dubai, Dubai (UAE). Phone: 05224986016


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