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Sohum Spa and Wellness Sanctuary at Kenilworth Goa

A Absolute Wellness

Sohum Spa at Kenilworth Goa is a holistic facility offering well-rounded wellness programs. Energy healing, dosage yoga, treat modern fitness, beach sports, Ayurveda and spa therapies are combined seamlessly to promote health and harmony. Spread over 8,000 square feet, the facility boasts of 6 therapy suites with exclusively designed couple therapy suite as well as two Ayurveda therapy suites. What’s more, the facility boasts of a well laid out balneotherapy section for soothing water therapy with precise digital controls.

For those on short visits, the spa offers relaxation therapies indoors, a professional salon and even relaxing feet massages under the gently swaying palms caressed by the balmy sea breeze. Special packages for corporate conferences and wedding groups, including Groom and Bridal make ups, are for the asking. After all, beauty inside out is what we aim for.


For the seasoned traveler, Sohum Spa offers 4 types of Ayurveda packages. While each of the packages address a specific need, they all have in common a wide choice of time tested Ayurveda based international cuisine, daily interactions with our wellness experts and therapies with potent natural herbs and plant extracts.

Relax: A 3-day package that involves not just a one on one with the in-house Ayurveda physician but also Ayurveda energy massage, soothing third-eye therapy, warm oil anointing and herb bolus massage.


Destress:  A 5-day package specifically designed to reduce mental stress and chronic physical fatigue. Daily wellness plan comprises of a relaxed routine where easy yoga practices help you to experience relaxing Ayurveda therapies on a very deep level. Apart from the above therapies the much acclaimed “Champi”  (Indian Head Massage) and herbal exfoliation are an addition in this package. Many patrons report a sense of lightness and deep relaxation by the 5th day.


Rejuve: This 7 days package includes specialized Ayurveda therapies that use herbal mixtures in a base paste of a rare indigenous quick growing rice that is famous for its strengthening properties. Deep progressive guided relaxation and energy healing ensure that you experience wellness across multiple dimensions.

Heal: This 14-day package involves not just Ayurveda and yoga but also water based therapies. Most guests report a connect with their natural state of a being – of vibrant health and a tranquil mind. Glowing skin and a spring in the step are the commonly reported side effects.

If that was not enough, our wellness experts are happy to help you to turn the biological clock backwards and introduce a new you to your family. Sohum Spa at Kenilworth Goa is managed by Dr. Ushakiran, BAMS, DYN, a qualified Ayurvedic Physician, with a bachelor degree in Ayurveda from Alva’s Ayurvedic Medical College, Moodabidri, and over 10 years of working experience in the field of Ayurveda and other spa therapies. Dr. Ushakiran provides personal consultations to understand guests’ body constitution and advise them on a suitable Ayurveda/spa package, diet, yoga and meditation.


While we weave our magic, the Goan landscape – and the world-class, five star facilities at Kenilworth Resort & Spa – will lull you away from all the worries of the world. The resort, located in Utorda in South Goa, is a luxurious beachside property with stunning tropical beauty, swish amenities and flawless service. With a stunning, modern design that exudes taste and warmth, Kenilworth Resort & Spa offers full five-star amenities and world-class hospitality in an extraordinary beachside setting. The only question you would ask yourself at the end of your stay is – “do I want to go back?”


Utorda, Salcete, Goa

Phone: +91 832 6698888