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Music to the ears

The Sound Hearing Centre at Panjim is the only Permanent and Authorised Hearing Care Clinic in Goa. Manned by a qualified Audiologist and Hearing Aid Consultant, this clinic provides pre-surgical and post-surgical care for the sophisticated Cochlear Implant surgery. A cochlear implant (CI) is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing. Cochlear implants are often called bionic ears.

Over 2, 00, 000 lakh people have received this implant worldwide. Pre-surgery preparations include patient screening, medical history, testing by hearing aids and detailed assessment of the candidate for the implant. Post-implant care covers implant tuning, speech therapy and other care. The actual surgery is carried out by the Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai.

This implant treatment works most effectively in children if done before the age of three. The brain develops after birth and adapts its function to the sensory input; absence of this has functional consequences for the brain, and consequently congenitally deaf children who receive cochlear implants at a young age (less than 2 years) have better success with them than congenitally deaf children who first receive the implants at a later age.

The cost of a Cochlear Implant surgery is around Rupees Six Lakhs, out of which the government provides 2-3 lakhs as subsidy. In the United States, medical costs of a cochlear implant run from US$45,000 to US$125,000.

The Sound Hearing Centre also provides Hearing Aids from world class companies like Widex of Denmark, Siemens of Germany, Phonak of Switzerland and Starkey of USA.


708, Gera Imperium, Patto (behind bus stand), Panaji, Goa

For appointments call: 2437266 / 9822154662