You are currently viewing Monty Sally’s adaptation of “Barberella” by Roger Vadim

Monty Sally’s adaptation of “Barberella” by Roger Vadim

The Crown Goa was proud to present Monty Sally’s construct based on the cult classic “Barberella” by Roger Vadim.  A future as seen in 1968 is interpreted by the designer, sickness a story of an interplanetary traveller exploring a different world. The designer introduces you to the most beautiful creatures of the future, help “Barberella” and the “Silver Stratospherians” who make science fiction something else. “Barberella” is a five star double rated Astro Navigatrix Earth girl whose specialty is love. Let us explore the universe with Barberella and the Silver Stratospherians in search of Durand Durand. And in our Journey be pampered by The Crown Goa’s galactic proportioned hospitality.