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The Lowdown

As you can see from the rest of this page, nurse Goa Streets is very proud to be supporting this year’s Go an’ Shave, look a wonderful event to support children with cancer. We hope to see you there this Saturday and Sunday at the Backyard, just down the road from the Goa Streets office! Now, a quick word about some of our other offerings this edition, especially our cover story on Holi & Shigmo (as our cover says, let the good times roll!) Don’t miss our thoughtful piece outlining both the achievements and failures of Manohar Parrikar two years into his term, or our story taking a step back and telling you what really happened with the Moonlight Circus. We hope you find our piece on how the internet has changed India forever to be both entertaining and informative. And of course, please take note of our efforts to track down Goa’s oldest person and our story on this wonderful Goan! All that in addition to our stories on the wonderful patisserie Delicieux, our Wheels on Streets feature, Ethel Da Costa’s whacky piece on make-up, the incredible Tara Trust art auction and Karan Bhagat’s thoughtful story on writer/artist Gieve Patel. We’re very happy to have helped host two great events in recent days – performances by Hamza & Latif at the Little Door in Calangute and Club Tito’s South Goa at the Radisson Blu. Be sure to read all about it in our Music & Nightlife section.

Goa Streets wishes our readers a very HAPPY HOLI!

The Goa Streets Team