The Concept of LA MODA is generally referred to as vintage


by Goa Streets

Celebrity designer Lalit Dalmia showcased his latest collections ‘La Moda’ in IBFW at Marriott, Panaji. The theme was prepared on vintage and the sizzling showstoppers were Bollywood’s favourite Mr Mohammed Morani and Mrs Lucky Morani.

The Concept of LA MODA is generally referred to as vintage, persons and situations of the past have an ironic stance in unique style. The designs superficially serve as a convenient alternative to those who admire an old style but prefer a modern interpretation. Peach, plums, burgundy, pistachio greens, Navy Blues, Ivory Black, beige, half white are colors played a significant role to get the attire. Collection show cased nostalgia with a dose of cynicism and detachment. The style to capture something from the past and evoke nostalgia fueled by dramatic look.

“I specially focus while designing to get the finest forms by the principles ‘pigeon breast’, ‘hourglass’ shape, Arbiter Styles, columnar silhouette, corsets etc. I do prefer textiles with the texture of Artistic, articulated, Abstract, and Semi Abstract to give the rhythm. The true hues specially taken care in the process of Design methodology which attribute the state of qualities.” said Mr Lalit Dalmia about his designs.

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