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Funky, Fun couture collection

Boho Red Collection

Whatever you wear, you must look “edgy”

Fashion is like a drug. Once you’re hooked, you keep on indulging. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Let’s drop the whole debate for just a moment, and go back to indulging!

Over cocktails on Oct. 10 at the Riverfront Restaurant in Panjim,  the trendy fashion boutique SÔSA’S put on a terrific fashion show to show off their new collection of casual wear, cocktail dresses, trousers and evening gowns.

Fashionistas of Goa, behold! This was the real deal!

Anuj Sharma from Ahmadabad opened the show with his unstitched garments in georgette and  chiffon. Sharp silhouettes and edgy hemlines combined for a pleasant ‘Bohemian’ look.  The offerings were varied and creative: A grey jumpsuit with a dhoti pant, blue checked kurti with tights, leafy greens, layered plinks, slinky low slung backs in asymmetrical  hemlines, off shoulder gowns, subtle silver panels and rushing on the yolk, ruffled sleeves, tones of brown and black combined in an ankle length dress slit on the sides. There were see-through drapes over mini skits, an elegant grey, turquoise, black and red combination. Anuj demonstrated how to drape the garments, aided by strategically sewed on buttons and rubber bands, which is the language of the new digital age.

Boho red 2----

Boho Red Collection

Vishwanath Gupta, a Delhi-based designer, showed off the couture collection BOHO RED,  focusing on vibrant colours. There were sensual silks over printed lining, dramatic combinations of grey, turquoise and black, and asymmetric and thigh-high  hemlines. The flowing white dress with petit black print was eye catching, as was a green and turquoise combination embellished with lace and brocade. The male model in a textured white shirt with frayed seam jeans, got a loud applause from the ladies.

Rebecca D'souza 2111

Rebecca Dsouza collection

The fluid relaxed collection ‘Animal Instinct’ by Rebecca D’Souza, a Goan designer based in Baroda, brings out the ‘wild side’ of you.

Anuj sharma 2....

Anuj Sharma collection

Tiger, leopard, zebra prints with structured embellished yolks, sinuous hemlines, miniskirts, spaghetti straps, you have it all. A blend of brown, black and white stripes looked just right for a cocktail evening. A red silk mini worn under a black and white drape with red chiffon gold sequence stole, was elegant with a modern twist.

Delhi designer Diksha Khanna’s collection is a mix of asymmetrical hemlines with free flowing streamline gowns, all in pastel colours.

Aqua blue, salmon pink, peach and coffee browns elicit that “edgy look” with exciting dashes of copper, gunmetal silver, gold and lime – just right for Goa this sizzling October.

Go funky in a pink grey and beige paneled dress with a brocade yolk. See through garments are ruling the ramps, so try out the brown layered overthrow over a silver bra with a sequenced skirt for clubbing.  For the young party males, check out the magenta pink trousers, and show off your abs with the short bolero.

Anuj Sharma

Anuj Sharma collection

The show was choreographed by Antonio Pacheco. The models included  Kezaia Caldeira (Grape Escaped Queen and Miss Summer Tulip 2014), Minolta Fernandes (Grape Escaped and Miss Tiara 2012), Schanel Da Costa (Miss Goa 2013), and Mayanka Pereira (1st runner up at Mega Model 2014). Merlyn and Belita sashayed down the catwalk in gorgeous 5” stilettos and Wavell, the gorgeous male model, carried the show well.

Diksha khanna

Diksha Khanna Collection

SOSA’S owner Myra Silveira was excited about this, her first fashion show, which was well attended. “My clients in Goa are not partial to heavily embellished garments as people in the North, and keeping this in mind, I specifically ask my designers to tone down on the embellishments”, she explained.

Rebecca Dhhh

Rebecca Dsouza collection

The image you project singles you out, and whatever you wear you must look “edgy”. The bottom line in fashion is to choose an outfit that complements you. And, you don’t have to be a teenager to wear designer clothes. Some of the world’s highest paid models (Gisele, Abbey Lee, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, to name some) are in their forties. Of course having a tall, contoured body and sexy legs to carry off these garments doesn’t hurt.

Diksha Khanna 2

Diksha Khanna Collection


SOSA’S- Rua De Qurem, Panjim.

Ph : 0832-2228063