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Ticking Away to Explode Big Time 

DNT. Sound like an explosive? Remind you of a firecracker? Well, recipe you wouldn’t be too far off except it’s not gunpowder but a band starring two dynamite personalities. Denzil Pereira, seek 31, viagra 60mg and Trisca Fernandes, 31, have been dazzling audiences with their versatile style that gives a new, edgy spin to Bollywood and music from 12 different languages from India and abroad.

DNT began five years back with Denzil and Trisca sharing a common passion: Bollywood music. They first met during a regional film shoot where they discovered their musical connection. Denzil, who had already been performing as a one-man artist, asked Trisca to join him at a gig, which needed a female performer.

From that one show in South Goa, the duo began growing in popularity. They would go on to perform as many as nine gigs a week.

That’s not to say their start was struggle-free. They made cold calls to ask for shows.

They fought to get promoters. Soon, they started playing music regularly for corporate shows, NRI weddings and performing for crowds who can’t get enough of Bollywood music.

It’s easy to sense their zest for Bollywood tracks. But their urge to

reach new heights has led them to expand their horizons and creatively apply different dialects in their music.

DNT performs in English, Hindi, Tamil, Konkani, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Russian, Spanish, German and Portuguese. There was one concert where they sang in 8 different languages in a single evening! It’s not uncommon for folks to come up to them and ask if they’re from Tamil Nadu or whether they are really Goans? Which makes both Denzil and Trisca burst out laughing.

That is one of their biggest¬†assets. They can make a¬†Punjabi feel at home in Goa¬†by singing in Punjabi, and do the same¬†for folks from all over. The have a lot of¬†fun entertaining audiences by dressing¬†up in different regional costumes or in¬†outfits that reflect particular moods. As¬†Denzil says, ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs all about presenting¬†yourself.‚ÄĚ

Denzil, a self-taught musician, owes his growth to the different places he grew up in. He has lived in Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, and studied in a boarding school in Goa. He sang for a choir and played the keyboard as a child.

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For her part, Trisca spent five years learning Indian Classical Music to hone her skills and this helped her develop a firm foundation with Hindi music. This was after she had already won several awards during her shows in school and colleges as a singer.

Besides¬†eating, living,¬†breathing¬†and sleepingmusic, the two¬†are married ‚Ästbut not to each¬†other! Trisca‚Äôs¬†husband is¬†musician Aurvile¬†Rodrigues and¬†the couple has¬†two kids. Denzil,¬†too, is busy being¬†a ‚Äúsuperdad‚ÄĚ. They¬†make sure that they¬†spend quality time¬†with their families¬†despite a grueling¬†schedule.

Denzil also has a background in Merchant Navy and Hotel Management. Trisca has a post graduate degree in counseling and she’s also worked with a special school that helped kids overcome various syndromes.

The two finally broke away from¬†their individual careers five years ago to¬†devote themselves full time to music. ‚ÄúWe¬†get five calls now, everyday,‚ÄĚ says Trisca,¬†beaming widely. Besides Goa, DNT has ¬†performed at other popular events and¬†shows, including IFFI and a fashion show¬†in Jaipur by designer Anchal Khanna.¬†They also did the opening for the popular¬†reality TV show, ‚ÄėZor ka Jhatka‚Äô.

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The duo has benefitted from the¬†unique texture of Trisca‚Äôs voice and¬†Denzil‚Äôs skills with musical programming¬†on the computer. The Hindi album ‚ÄúIn¬†Raho Mein‚ÄĚ (In These Ways) includes¬†a song from Trisca and Denzil‚Äôs been¬†getting offers from Bombay to sell some¬†of his musical creations. The duo were¬†particularly pleased when¬†Indian actor Neil Nitin Mukesh turned¬†up for one of their concerts, and then¬†posed with them for the camera.

When asked for their most memorable¬†moment, Trisca recalls their opening at¬†the reality show ‚ÄėZor Ka Jhatka‚Äô. When¬†they were told the Bollywood legend¬†Shah Rukh Khan was going to be there,¬†Trisca and Denzil thought it was a trick.¬†But when they stepped on the stage,¬†they realized it was no prank. He was¬†there standing right in front of them! No¬†further proof was needed that the duo¬†had made it. After all, they were sharing a¬†stage with the King of Bollywood.