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Tom Yum Soup

Go Oriental with Pan Asian Bowl

Pan Asian Bowl has been pampering your Oriental senses for a number of years and their  philosophy of offering cuisine of the highest quality is showcased through their cuisine. They like to keep their menu as fresh as their ingredients.

So they are happy to introduce a new fresh and vibrant menu which encompasses all of your favourites along with some delicious new choices.

If you’re familiar with the menu then you’ll know what to order straight away. But then you will be missing out on some of their exciting new food all of which are equally good and deliciously different.

The gourmet additions to the menu encompass fresh seafood, sizzling sizzlers and exotic flavours. Over the year’s they have celebrated with numerous mini-menu’s and the best loved combinations have been handpicked to be included in their  fresh, zesty and bold menu.
All the new menu options have been raved about so much they just had to give some of the old favourites a permanent place nestling amongst the best loved popular dishes like General Mao 3 flavored Chicken and Bangkok Prawns. Stuffed Crab, spicy Beijing Prawns, stir fried Squid and garlic pepper Prawns set the appetizer’s off with bursts of flavour you’ll keep coming back for more.

New inclusions like the all time favourite sizzlers are the show stoppers though. Specially created marinades and accompaniment sauces set the sizzle to the Mongolian style chicken breast and Toban fish, a crispy fried whole Pomfret or Red Snapper, Chicken and red meats with bold Thai spices redolent with aromatic and delicious flavours.

An exciting new addition that needs a mention is the new wide range of sauces to pick from to accompany your meat or vegetable of choice. The Fish Terroro fresh Red Snapper cooked in chili Peking sauce or the Crab Makai bringing to the table fresh river crab in red chili sauce are bound to set your gourmet juices flowing.

Wide selections of exciting light and fluffy Dim Sum’s have also been added with the Spicy seafood dumpling and vegetable Sui Mai. Steamed or fried wonton’s always popular the world over bring in bursts of flavours are also here to stay. Delectable curries like Kaeng Ped a fiery Thai red curry, Kaend Garee the less milder version yellow Thai curry and Kaeng Penang a Malaysian Thai synergy are great with accompaniments of rice and noodles round off the meal with choices of Pad Thai, Daan Mein and Tepan Soba round Japanese noodles.
If there is room enough to pamper your sweet tooth; head straight for the exciting desert section. Additions of sweetened water chestnuts in coconut milk, fried ice cream and Sang Kaya delectable and flavoursome Thai custard with cream will set the meal fit for a king to a grand end.

Dim sum

Dim Sum

Goa attracts an all time record high of 18% tourists during the monsoons!

Monsoons have never been better before for Goa as the State witnessed a record high of tourist arrivals during the months of June, July and August 2014. The State recorded 18% increase in tourists for the 3 months against tourist arrivals during the same period in 2013.

The rise in tourists is attributed to the introduction of safety and security measures, awareness created on hinterland, culture, monsoon and pilgrim tourism through rigorous PR and marketing initiatives. Some such initiatives include domestic and international road shows, exhibitions and; international travel agents FAM trips.

White water rafting which can be experienced in Goa only during the monsoons was a big success along with Goa InstaWalk where bloggers and influencers from all over the country were given an opportunity to showcase their passion for photography whilst experiencing the cultural and natural aspects of Goa. This was conducted in the months of June and August 2014 at Tambdi Surla and Arvalem waterfalls.

Festivals such as Sao Joao which is celebrated at the onset of the monsoon season by Catholics; and Bonderam, the flag festival which creates a carnival ambience and celebrated on the fourth Saturday of August every year at Divar Island further drew in tourists due to promotional efforts of Goa Tourism.

The state has witnessed the highest percentage of tourist arrivals in the State during the monsoons which was earlier considered an off-season. This confirms Goa tourism’s marketing and promotional efforts are paying off well to draw in tourists to the State during the season.
Mr. Ameya Abhyankar IAS, Director, Department of Tourism said, “Rebranding and re-positioning of brand Goa as a land of all seasons and capitalizing on the fact that Goa is the world’s only tourist destination that has the maximum contrasts in the smallest geographical space further notched up the numbers of tourists in the State during the monsoons”


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