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Dear Acaricia May

I am a 34 year old single male. My problem is the kind of women I am attracted to. I meet a lot of intelligent, sophisticated and attractive women in my line of corporate work. But I don’t find any of them sexually attractive. I can hold conversations with them on deep and philosophical topics, and even go dancing and have a great time, but it’s all very intellectual pleasure. I am really ashamed to admit that the women who really arouse me are not the intelligent types at all.

When I meet a raw, simple girl, who may even be a bit silly, I get turned on like hell. I even have a huge crush on my maid who is really sexy, but totally illiterate. I see silly young housewives who drop their kids to school and then go shopping around town in their figure hugging outfits, blowing up their husbands’ hard earned money, and I feel quite angry at them. But I also find them very hot and desirable. I know I will probably be miserable if I marry such an airhead, or even an illiterate woman, but why do I feel this way? Why don’t I feel desire for the intelligent women around me? Am I suffering from some kind of complex?

Savio, Panjim


Dear Savio,

Sexual attraction is a deeply personal and intricate thing, depending on a great number of factors, including childhood exposures and genetic leanings. It’s also quite flexible, so that a quality that attracts you today may not attract you tomorrow. How would you feel if you saw one of those smart ladies acting silly in a figure hugging outfit? And what if you actually sat down with one of the “airheads” and learned she could hold her own perfectly well on deep and philosophical topics?

Savio, don’t beat yourself up over your attractions. Go with the flow, but be open to its diversion into unexpected tributaries!

By the way, why are you calling women airheads and getting angry over their spending habits? Acaricia May promises not to judge you if you stop judging them!


Acaricia May


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