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5 Awesome Views in Goa

You Don’t Need a Drone Here

Every tourism destination has its vantage ‘Points’, salve where the beauty of the place can be enjoyed from high above. Goa is filled with such cherished viewing points, as hills and cliffs have been favoured spots for churches, chapels, temples and forts for hundreds of years.

Bridge Over The Zuari, Agassaim-Cortalim
A favourite spot for tourists, the Zuari Bridge offers splendid panoramic views on both sides. The western view shows the Bambolim plateau and Panjim to the right and the Vasco coastline to the left. Look towards your left and you can spot the whitewashed façade of the old Our Lady of Health Church at Sancoale. The rest of the church collapsed a long time ago, leaving only the front standing. The San Jacinto island can also be spotted further on. Mormugao harbour stretches on in the hazy distance. Canoes lie near the embankment, rocking quietly to the river current. The Konkan Railway runs on the eastern side.

Dona Paula Pergola and Statue, Dona Paula
Dona Paula is synonymous with a statue of a couple perched on a hillock, replete with stories of unrequited love. A pergola near the statue offers a glorious view of the Arabian Sea. For a few rupees you can peer into mounted viewing ‘scopes. The statue stands overlooking the cliff, just a few meters below the pergola. Walk down to the jetty and enjoy a dekho of the canoes and yachts lounging in the water. You could even hop onto a jetski and get some foam in your face.


Chapel of Our Lady of The Mount, Old Goa
If you want a bird’s eye view of The Rome of The East, and don’t have a helicopter or even a drone, this is the place to be. The Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount was one of the many votive chapels founded by Afonso de Albuquerque to mark his victory over Adil Shah. It overlooks the Mandovi River and the Monte Santo (Holy Mound), so from here you can spot the Se Cathedral, Bom Jesus Basilica, St Cajetan Church, St Francis of Assisi Church, Rosary Church, St Agustine’s Tower and lots more.


Holy Cross Chapel, Betul
Just a kilometer before you reach Betul in South Goa, a road climbs up to the left to the Holy Cross Chapel at the top of the Baradi hillock. A pedestal to the right of the nondescript chapel holds a cross, which can be accessed by spiral steps. The circular wall has niches for devotees to light candles. The truly spiritual moment comes when you stand at the topmost point and look seaward. The Arabian Sea sparkles in all its glory, and you can see the mouth of the River Sal, where it discharges into the sea. The Cutbona jetty, the luxury hotels of Mobor and the paddy fields and swaying palms make this a fantastic viewing point. You can light a candle as you descend, in gratitude.


Cabo Da Rama Fort, Canacona
The rocky walls on the sea face of Cabo Da Rama fort fall off giddily to the foaming waters below. Built way before the arrival of the Portuguese, this fort in Canacona, the southernmost taluka of Goa, provided an excellent lookout and defense against invaders. Legend holds that Lord Rama visited the place, hence the name. Cabo means cape or promontory, in Portuguese. A Chapel dedicated to St Anthony stands inside the vast fort area.
So go ahead and fill like a lord as you gaze from these heights. Then carry on your search for new strategic points to discover and conquer in Goa. There are some secret summits that we won’t even tell you about!