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The Great Steak Festival

At ll Camino (Vivanta By Taj – Fort Aguada Goa)

The first thing that must be said, order when discussing the topic of steaks in Goa, is that there are steaks and then there are steaks. Put another way, not all steaks are created equal.

We’ve stated this before and we’re happy to state it again. Foodies don’t eat “sizzlers”. They eat steaks.

Unfortunately, great steaks in Goa are rare – and by that we are not referring to how much time the meat’s been fired. There’s still a few days left to avail oneself of the Great Steak Festival at Il Camino, the Italian restaurant at the Vivanta by Taj Fort Aguada. This, we are happy to report, is the real deal.

Here the steaks are not some buffalo meat tossed on a sizzler. As the Taj’s promotion states, there are “prime cuts, choice chunks, hefty hunks, juicy T bones and saucy accompaniments.” The USP here is high quality meat, prepared with true expertise and care.

On one recent evening, members of the Goa Streets team sampled the Ribeye, T-Bone and Tenderloin steaks, and we’re happy to report these meaty offerings are wonderful!

“The steak festival is not just about using the best of ingredients which are brought from different parts of the world and to cook it in a unique style defined by our Chef. It’s also about the innovation through which we are serving chicken chops, tofu steaks and even cottage cheese sirloins,” the restaurant states.

During the steak festival, guests are given various choices to create their own plates. You choose your steak, the sauce to go along with it, the starch and the side to accompany it. It is then paired with a COMPLIMENTARY glass of Fratelli wine.

The steak festival if the brainchild of Chef Mayank Istwal, who had put on a similar festival in Sydney, Australia. Winner of India’s National Chef Competition in 2006, Chef Mayank is extraordinarily worldly, having lived and worked in many parts of India, Australia and on cruise liners throughout the Asia Pacific region.

He’s in charge of Il Camino, the innovative Italian restaurant at the Vivanta by Taj Fort Aguada. He and his colleague Mayank Saxena have set out to create something truly extraordinary at Il Camino, giving each guest a unique experience.

Take how soup is served, for instance.

“We wanted the guest to see the exact journey of the soup, so we got just the garnish of the soup on the bowl, and the soup on the side,” explains Saxena. “We would explain the garnish first, so as to let the guest how much effort is put in making those garnishes and then pouring the soup right in front of them to give it a personalized touch and if required grate fresh parmesan right at the table itself.”

That all this is taking place on the grounds of this breathtakingly beautiful resort overlooking the Arabian Sea and the actual Fort Aguada adds to the mystique of any evening here.

The team at Il Camino is wholly committed to excellence, as reflected in service, food quality, ambience and, to be sure, their steaks.

On till the 23rd November, so hurry!

Phone: +91 832 664 5858 Ext. 5641