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Baby Feeding By Committee – By Mariska Sharma

When my son was born, he was a very picky eater. I know it’s never easy to get babies to eat, but our little guy I think was in a league of his own. Rahul would go not only hours with eating next to nothing, but sometimes days. My husband and I were really getting worried. Word spread about my son’s eating habits, and some of the people in our neighborhood decided to help out. These weren’t rich folks, but just regular people. One was a cleaning lady, another was a woman who sells vegetables, another was our neighborhood handyman. Everyday at a certain time, these people would stop by the house and put on a little performance while sneaking food into Rahul’s mouth. Sujata, the cleaning lady, brought a bell from her home while Reshma, the veggie dealer, did a mean Dandiya, interspersed with a Bhangra or two. Nilesh, the handyman made faces and turned himself into a total clown. With all this entertainment, provided by the people of my neighborhood, Rahul started eating. You gotta love India.


By Mariska Sharma

Panjim, Goa – INDIA

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