Anatomy of a police blunder: Ex-cop speaks out on how his men screwed up

Imagine you’re a police chief and you and your men have secretly surrounded the hideout of a dreaded fugitive. Now im

News Wrap

Jellyfish sabotaging your fish curry Fish for your curry and the frying pan could come at a premium this season, ed with

Mining: Decoding the Quiet

Silence hangs heavy over the otherwise boisterous mining belt in Goa’s hinterland. The incessant loud whir of heavy e

‘King Crab’ and a commoner

Going to a restaurant for lunch has never put me on the edge like it has now, order as I stand under the wooden archway

The Lowdown

Welcome to the second edition of Goa Streets! Our out-of-the-box launch – from the sari-clad granny riding a Harley Da

When the hand of God strums a guitar

Perhaps the invisible hand of God has begun strumming a guitar somewhere in some corner of this tropical paradise. Becau


If you think vegetarians have a tough time navigating through the streets of Goa, where prawns twitch their antennas in

Diwali finds home in Goa’s Christian abodes

The room is small and on a yellow wall hangs a crucifix. Beside a small table carpeted by colourful papers, generic two

Getting cozy with garbage

In a village known for priests, footballers and sailors, Michael Beny Da’Costa doesn’t mind being called ‘garbage

Pirates of the Arabian

The quiet of the sea is broken by an ear-piercing shriek as the ship’s wooden planks grate angrily and then splinter,