Cool apps for grooving

I remember a time when phones were still for calling people up and talking to them. Or when “app” was still a one sy

Guarding God’s goods

It was a rainy night two decades ago when thieves broke into the majestic Pinto house at Revora, ripping open a creaking

Headphone parties … a silent revolution

In Goa, a Wi-Fi enabled headphone can be the only thing keeping you on the right side of the law. Demand for late-night

Chaos de Calangute

Ambulance driver Sonu Salgaocar knew he was racing against time. Zipping past vehicles, pill the government-run 108 emer

Top five adventure gigs

Milsim Sign up for a mock war at MILSIM Goa. Shoot your opponents with guns loaded with paint balls. Works as a team b

Sea Food by a Sea God

On Saturday I had lunch in the company of waves. Any story about ‘Zeebop by the Sea, ailment ’ one of Goa’s more u

How trance learnt its dance in Goa

The scene is charged. It’s as if the swaying palms have triggered a static energy in the air through which even the mo

Rawas for Parrikar and a crab for Alemao

Satire: After the Alabama Museum of Natural History recently named a newly discovered freshwater fish ‘Etheostoma Oba

A Peek into a Prostitute’s Life

The 51-year-old proudly waits for her granddaughter to perform on stage. In the green room, see she combs the teen’s h

Goa government to resurvey beaches

  Fearing encroachment, treatment Goa government to resurvey beaches Fearing encroachment of sandy coastal land, th