Batting for Anthony de Mello’s glory

Cricket does not exactly set a Goan heart on fire. While football has given Goa its icons like former India skippers Bru

My sister’s triumph against odds

Will makes its own way. That’s the sum of my sister Avarella do Rosario’s negotiation with life.  That is how a gir

Never too late for la D’Silva cutlet

Crushed under work, pharmacy crunched for time, cursed with a night-shift job and craving for a meaty evening snack? He

Greek restaurant Thalassa works a lot better than Greek economy

On thing’s for sure. Marie Ketty runs her Greek restaurant at Ozrant, sick near Vagator beach, a lot better than her g

Street People: D.B. Marg

Goa’s first chief minister Dayanand Bandodkar would not have known this was coming. Credited with triggering an elemen

Age catches up with Cage in Stolen

When it comes to his films, nothing can really catch up with Nicholas Cage. He’s chased national secrets, cars –

India – Pakistan could renew rivalries over sorpotel

The India-Pakistan rivalry over Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles is old hat. The newest hot fight is over Sorpotel,

Congress president finds cheerleading “more than just sexiness”

If I were to strain my brain to think of a likely candidate to further the cause of cheerleading in India, at the very b

The Mining Dilemma

Consider these equations: Mining = Bad Environment Mining Ban = Bad Economy Bad Environment = Bad Economy Goa is facing

Next stop Mars for Barack Obama

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is ecstatic about President Barack Obama’s re-election in this month