Goa: the Jazz capital of India

Imagine a balmy night and a clear sky. A gentle crash of waves in the backdrop. And the seductive sound of a jazz quarte

IFFI: Chaotic, but still an Indian treasure

Vegetables chopped near toilets. Big ticket filmmakers stopped by clueless security guards. Booked tickets but near empt

Want to be a heritage watchdog? It’s not hard

You don’t have to go looking for heritage in Goa. Chances are that from most corners of this culturally vibrant state,

When beef broth goes missing

A nice, warm beef soup on a cool October evening. That warm, nurse comforting broth was what lured me towards George res

A fish and a pickle… memories of the Margao fish market

This what love for fish can do to you.  Make you rise in the morning even before the sun and head for the fish market,

A school dropout in a class of his own

Age has walked all over him. Forehead as wrinkled as a dry, shrivelled shitake mushroom. But sitting hunched over a chai

Fiesta: Come for the Ambience

At Tito’s lane in Baga everyone comes looking for something. Men for women and a party. Women for men and a party. Wom

10 Fun Picks for a Family Outing this Week

Dec 1 Of Hills and Churches The heritage walking tour includes a stroll down the narrow, interesting allies and bylanes

The Lowdown

 Welcome again! When it comes to content, the third edition of Goa Streets is the one we’re most proud of. On these p

The Hard Life: Transgenders in India

She sits indulgently brushing her waist-length lustrous hair, ignoring the passionate arguments her friends throw back a