Khiladi 786: Tough luck

How would you react if the lead character in a film was called 72 (Bahattar), decease his father 70 (Sattar) and his bro

A Culinary Escape

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ? Mae West  It’s not easy to define Art Escape, exc

Comic relief: Graphic books at the Goa Arts & Literary Festival 2012

The Goa Arts & Literary Festival (GALF) has always positioned itself as an event that encourages literature from the

The Lowdown

OK, buy we know. It’s not exactly conventional to run a cover story on gays in Goa. But we believe this is a truly int

Mulled wine recipe by Chef Nicole Illa, Grand Hyatt Goa

Recipe Red Wine                   1 litre Cardamom green    8 pieces Clove            

At home in school

If you are in a village, a rooster sitting on a low mango tree branch would have just crowed for the first time that mor

Goa’s Portuguese legacy Memories, good and bad

History has recorded the Portuguese rule in Goa between 1510 and 1961 in various shades and slants. But what is the true

Pan Global: New kid on Calangute block

Randomly try to fling a beer bottle in Calangute. Chances are it will either hit a bar and restaurant, sales a boutique

Two families, one accident and a dead girl

She was young and beautiful. He, shop tall, lanky and fun-loving. Both 15 years old, they decided to ditch their tutorin

News wrap

Central bank relief for mining stakeholders In a major relief to truck and barge owners, sildenafil India’s banking r