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Disabled man takes a bow

By Anzil Fernandes | 06/12/2012
 Deep inside the forest, under a thick canopy of a banyan tree, a man stands still, his bow poised, bowstring taut and ar

Definitely abled

By Goa Streets | 06/12/2012
Imagine you want a day out on a beach in Goa, but you can’t step out of your wheelchair. Not much you can do about it ri

Want to be a heritage watchdog? It’s not hard

By Goa Streets | 29/11/2012
You don’t have to go looking for heritage in Goa. Chances are that from most corners of this culturally vibrant state, h

A school dropout in a class of his own

By Anzil Fernandes | 29/11/2012
Age has walked all over him. Forehead as wrinkled as a dry, shrivelled shitake mushroom. But sitting hunched over a chair,

My sister’s triumph against odds By Ashley do Rosario | 22/11/2012

Will makes its own way. That’s the sum of my sister Avarella do Rosario’s negotiation with life.  That is how a gir

Getting cozy with garbage By Anzil Fernandes | 15/11/2012

In a village known for priests, footballers and sailors, Michael Beny Da’Costa doesn’t mind being called ‘garbage

Persian beauty guards lives at Goa beach By Gauri Gharpure | 08/11/2012

Her green eyes sparkle under shapely brown eyebrows. Her arms are sunburnt but still unusually fair. She stretches her f
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