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Foreign Varsities ahoy!

By Ashley do Rosario | 16/05/2013
Goan youngsters eye colleges abroad Karl P Pereira is a bloke from Margao like any other. Brought up in a typical middle-c

The Creative Pool

By Jose Lourenco | 16/05/2013
A motley group of artists, writers, photographers, musicians and a dog sits around on the floor of a second floor flat in

Konkani Fiction in your pocket

By Goa Streets | 16/05/2013
There’s one kind of book you don’t get any more in bookshops in Goa, or anywhere else, seek for that matter. The pocke

Suicide – The Dark Side of a Progressive State

By Ashley do Rosario | 16/05/2013
  Just a week ago, sixteen-year-old Suraj Patil was found dead hanging on a nylon rope from the ceiling of his bedroo

Naree Artisans Movement By Natasha Fernandes | 16/05/2013

Naree Artisans Movement is a group started by three women, for sale Natasha Fernandes, Aira Mirchandani and Milan Khanol

Jaadumantar By Pedro Menezes |

Traditional healing (or cursing) practices in Goa Believe it or not, a big-time builder-financier from Panjim who normal

Spin Doctors By Vincent Kola |

What it takes to become a DJ Most nocturnal creatures of the two-legged kind in Goa lurk around nightclubs or discothequ

Churchill make it again By Ashley do Rosario |

It couldn’t have come at a better time. The I-League triumph of Churchill Brothers extended Goa’s supremacy in the c

Fruits and Wine By Goa Streets |

Dionysian delights at Konkan Fruit Fest There is a fruity aroma in the air, illness along with the earthier tones of ver

Go Goa Gone By Jose Lourenco |

When most of the characters in your film are shambling, stomach doped out fiends in various stages of decomposition, the
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