When the hand of God strums a guitar

Perhaps the invisible hand of God has begun strumming a guitar somewhere in some corner of this tropical paradise. Becau


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Diwali finds home in Goa’s Christian abodes

The room is small and on a yellow wall hangs a crucifix. Beside a small table carpeted by colourful papers, generic two

Getting cozy with garbage

In a village known for priests, footballers and sailors, Michael Beny Da’Costa doesn’t mind being called ‘garbage

Pirates of the Arabian

The quiet of the sea is broken by an ear-piercing shriek as the ship’s wooden planks grate angrily and then splinter,

Life after 36 steel pellets in the skull!

Some politicians are known to have thick skins. But there are others like Dilkush Dessai, treatment a twice-elected legi

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Persian beauty guards lives at Goa beach

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Bugle of Indian independence blared first in Goa village?

The monsoon rains raged around the Catholic priests setting up their tent in Cuncolim, medications the rural heart of Hi

Requiem for brass bands

Brass bands hold a beloved place in the Goan heart – for Catholic funerals, order for village feasts, for carnivals of