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Santiago Lusardi Girelli: Renaissance Man

By Eugen Hanley and Hilary Lapedis | 02/02/2017
Conducting His Way To Musical Perfection, This Maestro Mesmerises Goa

Frances McCloskey-Hanley 1929–2017

By Goa Streets | 31/01/2017
Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother And Gentle, Loving Soul


By Goa Streets | 20/01/2017
Words can’t express my deep gratitude to all the people who put this amazing show together.

Maria Isabel de Santa Rita Vas: Cutting the Mustard

By Eugen Hanley and Hilary Lapedis | 19/01/2017
Trailblazers of Goa: Passionate People Who Make A Difference  Goa’s Own Playwright Shines Before Antonio Costa, The Por

Living With Pythons 2017 By Goa Streets | 13/01/2017

‘Living with Pythons’ is a nationwide initiative kick started in 2017 by Nirmal U Kulkarni,

5 Awesome Views in Goa By Jose Lourenco |

You Don’t Need a Drone Here

3 Dimensions: Putting Goa On The Global Art Map By Eugen Hanley and Hilary Lapedis | 12/01/2017

Tyred chillies and mussel fridge magnets.

The Launch Party Of Habanero By Goa Streets | 07/01/2017

Habanero saw a flavorsome opening night with cheerful faces and exquisite food.

Tossing the Straitjacket of Traditional Education By Eugen Hanley and Hilary Lapedis | 05/01/2017

Shilpa Mehta Sharpens The Cutting Edge of 21st Century Learning

Relaunched – The Shore Bar By Goa Streets | 04/01/2017

Back in the 60s, there was a jewel on the west coast of India,
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