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‘Art with David’ workshop

By Goa Streets | 13/11/2013
‘Art with David’ workshop was conducted at Carpediem Goa, Majorda. With a large turnout from children of all ages rang

The Corner

By Goa Streets | 07/11/2013
Razzmatazz at Cape Town and Bake Your Own Cakes This Christmas

Novotel launches its first resort in India

By Goa Streets | 31/10/2013
Novotel Goa Shrem Resort

Coastal Clean-up by Goa Marriott

By Goa Streets | 17/10/2013
Beach Cleaning drive by Goa Marriott, Sunday Monsoon Brunch at Waterfront Terrace & Bar & Park Hyatt culinary masters.

The Corner By Goa Streets | 10/10/2013

Grand Hyatt Goa Celebrates the age-old ceremony of cake mixing and Goa Marriott Joy of Giving Week!

The Corner By Goa Streets | 26/09/2013

Dj Le@H-Goa’s Youngest Kid On The Block, Mehfil Fusion at Astoria & Hotel Mariott’s Christmas Cake Mixing Party.

The Corner By Goa Streets | 01/08/2013

An Evening of Mediterranean Wonder Gand Hyatt Goa welcomed one of India’s premium wine brands, tadalafil Fratelli Wine

Subhrajit Bhardhan joins Park Hyatt By Goa Streets | 11/07/2013

Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa has announced the appointment of Mr Subhrajit Bhardhan as the Executive Assistant Manager

An Extraordinary Recital By Goa Streets | 04/07/2013

Goa is a small place, and and some might argue that, viagra especially during the monsoons, tadalafil there’s not all

The Corner By Goa Streets | 27/06/2013

1st 4-star Hotel in Vasco, advice The HQ The HQ is the first official 4 star hotel in Vasco to be approved by the Minis
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